Political Theology in the United States

If you looked up the definition of political theology, it would state that political theology investigates the ways in which theological concepts (or ways of thinking) relate to politics, society, and economics. Political Theology can be really confusing and irritating because the two words really contradict each other. Political theology was the manifestation of religious practices which served the state. Since people of importance practiced this act, it had pride in its name. However, over time, you had people step forward and demonstrate that it wasn’t essentially all about the state and sometimes the state can’t serve all of its people in a true religious form.

Of course you have different types of political theology in different countries read more about political theology at https://ejournals.bc.edu/ojs/index.php/ctsa/article/viewFile/2881/2506. You have different ideas that are blended by different leaders in each country making the term to each of their own. The United States is hard when it comes to political theology because we’re not so much a Christian Nation – we can’t group the U.S. and say everyone is Christian, so political theology can get messy when talking about the United States and many philosophers have different feelings on the topic. It is often said however, that political theology can question the good and just of life. Some philosophers have argued that the ‘political’ term can really be referred to as ‘public’ theology. Meaning how the undercurrents of the current society that we’re in right now have eliminated the worth between the political and the public or social territory and between the state and society. In other words, how is today’s world, disrupting what we have been used to in the past? Are we moving backwards or forwards?

Political Theology in the United States

An example of political theology in today’s world that might help a lot of people understand this topic is discussing the new President of the United States, Donald Trump. Donald Trump has obviously made a lot of new orders in his first couple weeks in office. Trump and political theology go hand in hand with a lot of topics concerning each other and not just upsetting the United States, but countries around the world. However, President Trump made shocking waves when he made his travel ban act. Protesters across the world made a stand, protecting their brothers and sisters. However, even though society thinks that this is all wrong, the state believes that this is the correct thing.

Refugees are not allowed into the United States for now. Having this act, a lot of people can no longer visit the free country that our nation is so proud of. Many people across the world are now being denied a good education that they had dreamed about since they were little. Many families can no longer be reunited and many people can’t escape from a horrible life that they have been living. Political theology comes in and makes one question the good and just of life. Christians are known to do the right thing; this is how they are perceived whether it’s fully true or not. However, in the U.S. we saw most of those Christians voting for Donald Trump. Meaning that they respect this new act, right? Right and wrong. They are not necessarily agreeing with President Trumps actions; they are more appealing to theology itself. Thinking they are doing the right thing and going along with political theology because if Trump got voted into office, he must be doing the good and just of life. Political theology can be amazing at times.

Political Theology can be tricky at times. It can be hard to follow and I’m sure as the years go on, philosophers will bring a new meaning to it.